Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Jelly Side Down

While painting today, the painting I was working on fell off the easel and landed jelly side down. Bummer. Kind of knocked the wind out of my sails.

Thankfully I had a drop-cloth under my easel, well, a drop Twister mat. A Twister mat makes the perfect drop cloth. It's plastic and it has remarkable paint splatter barrier abilities...I'm not THAT messy, usually it's just a smidge of paint or once in a while I'll drop a brush. But a whole painting....? Who does that!?

I called it a day.


sol said...

which one was it?

Sarah Hazel said...

It's a new one I'm working on. I sometimes work in stages. This one was in stage 3 or 4. I was putting in background colors when it fell. It took a long time to clean the mess and left permanent marks on some furniture. (not very noticeable)

Chad said...

What a great phrase: "jelly-side down." I may start using that as a substitute for "bummer," as in, "Man, that's jelly-side down!"