Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Amazing Reese

My husband is amazing. He's building all the frames for the show. As he finishes each frame, he frames each painting, and brings them back inside to hang on the walls. These frames have transformed the collection painting by painting, until it looks like we are living in an art gallery. His fine craftsmanship helps the eye focus on the painting, not the space around it. While they are absolutely perfect for the paintings, they might easily be overlooked. When you come to the show, and everything looks great, it will be in part because Reese has done such an outstanding job with the frames. He's putting the finishing touches on the last three frames today.

By the way, he also built the art studio website from scratch, and photographs all the paintings.


sol said...

and two shall become one. God is great and powerful, but today he is great (for me) because he made husbands.

em said...

Wow... Reese is a rockstar. Looking forward to seeing all the effort come to fruition at the show on Thursday!

Tricia said...

I knew Reese was talented (playing musical instruments and such), but I didn't know he did all that too. Wish we could come and see all his and your hard work.

We're praying that your show goes well and that it is to the praise of God's glory.

hilary said...

gotta love him! can't wait for thursday!