Wednesday, April 04, 2007


While Patrick was demonstrating the correct proportions for drawing a person's head, I was completely distracted by the skeleton he had up front. Half listening, I started sketching the skeleton's head.

Then I realized that I was missing the ins and outs of what goes where proportionally, eyes in relation to the ears and such, and switched the brain to really trying to pay attention to the words coming out of Patrick's mouth. It was one of those Charlie Brown moments, though. Remember when the Peanuts gang is in school, and the teacher talks?

"Wah wah wah wah wah wah."

When I have a hard time hearing someone, I focus on the movement of their mouth. That way I can concentrate on the words as they are formed, and therefore (at least theoretically) hear what is being said a little better. (It does help sometimes.) But I was also distracted by trying to draw what Patrick was demonstrating. Not only do I have to focus on his mouth to hear him, I have to concentrate on his hands as they are drawing. My attention was additionally diverted when some VIPs came to observe our class for a few minutes. At least it was a non-nude demonstration at that point.

Time to practice what Patrick preached. These last two sketches are of Frederick, well, Frederick's head.

During the remaining few minutes of class, we turned our easels inward and Patrick critiqued our favorite 20 minute sketch. My favorite was the one with Fredrick looking left. It had been more sketchy, but Patrick suggested softening some of the lines and blending the "skin tones."

Hmmm, maybe I should do the same thing on the sketch with Fredrick looking right, too.

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Indy C. said...

I have sometimes the same problem you have (the Charlie Brown's teacher thing, wah, wah, wah!) And it does help me a lot when I look the talker mouth, indeed! :)