Friday, May 25, 2007


This is my 99th finished painting and my 100th blog post.

Michelle is a young friend of mine. She has been known to bake for three days straight, then load up all the goodies, and give them to Houston's homeless just because she enjoys baking--and serving. In this painting, Michelle is learning how to bake her grandmother's cookies, a family favorite.

There are a few themes that artists have explored over and over throughout the years, working in the kitchen being one of them. For some time I had wanted to paint a *Young Lady Baking.* Not just anyone, but a scene of someone who "likes" to bake as in "I like to breathe."


sugarsandsalts said...

Your young friend really baking with a kind heart and you painted with a true heart.

Sarah Hazel said...

Thank you. Those are very kind words.

Indy C. said...

I agree with "sugarandsalts". You just captured her warm personality and her kind heart.
May the Lord keep blessing your life and use it to bless others.
Hugs and greetings!!!