Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Elder Street Gallery is hosting a nine woman exhibit called "Spice." It just so happens that I am one of the artists (!).... along with Susan Donaldson, Shelly Shanks, Jerrie Glidden, Bridget Vallery, Alissa Fereday, Sorange Castillo, Rose Marie Moore, and Susan Goettsche.

Instead of being Spice Girls, we are Spice Women. Call me Zesty Spice....or just call me.

The opening reception is September 22nd, 6-10pm. Every one is invited, of course. The gallery is located at 1101 Elder Street in the really old refurbished Jefferson Davis hospital. Drive around back to the gallery entrance.

"Whoever controls the spice controls the universe."
—Baron Vladimir Harkonnen, Dune

1 comment:

Indy C. said...

I'd love to go!
We always remember you both and your "girls" ('cause they're are no more but women!) and the fact that you dedicated to paint and in the way you do it it's just a blessing! :)

May the Lord be with you and yours always and His face shines upon onto you!

Tons of hugs and kisses for you all!

PS. I'd love to but I cann't go :(