Thursday, January 03, 2008

Remote Commander Reese

What might be a little difficult to see in this photo is Reese's birthday present. In his hand is the remote control device, and in the air above his head is the remote controlled helicopter.

While shopping for the remote controlled helicopter yesterday, Anna and I began to experience what Arnold Schwarzenegger's character did in Jingle All the Way. Since Reese's birthday is on January 2nd, and I am not generally accustomed to buying him toys for this celebration since we obviously got married after his childhood, it never once occurred to me that a *RC helicopter* might not be available for purchase this close after Christmas. Happily, we stumbled upon the prize not too far in our quest.

It's a really cool gift if I do say so myself.


hilary said...

happy birthday, reese!

sol said...

bravo! happy birthday, reese! never to old for a toy!

Missy said...

Shep's gonna wanna come over and play!!

Serg and Lis said...

You look great for 38!!!:) Best wishes!!!!!!!