Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Make Limoncello!

My love affair with limoncello began on my 40th birthday, when a dear friend shared some of the traditional Italian lemon liqueur as a gift. In the spirit of home-made Christmas gifts, this photo depicts the beginning of my first attempt at making the delectable digestif.

After extensive Google research, the recipe I've decided to use is this:

1 bottle 750 ml Everclear (190 proof)

12 lemons

4 1/4 cups of water

3 1/2 cups of sugar

Carefully zest lemons. Place the peels in a container and add Everclear. Let sit for seven days shaking container occasionally.

On the eighth day, make a simple syrup with the water and sugar. Let cool to room temperature. Strain out zest, and then filter the lemon infused alcohol through coffee filters to remove impurities.

Mix in the cooled simple syrup and transfer to a bottle.

When I poured the Everclear into the Mason jar with the lemon peel, some of the alcohol accidentally spilled. And yes, due to the extremely high alcohol content, it took the some of the finish off the table -- strong stuff. Within a few minutes of steeping, the grain alcohol was already becoming infused with the lemon taste! (Attention, Sarah: This is a personal reminder that the recipe is doubled. Please, remember to double the simple syrup when completing the project.)

The lemons in this batch of limoncello were generously donated by two neighbors with abundant lemon crops in their respective yards. Many thanks to our good friends, the Wagners and Cooners. Some of the finished product will be coming your way. :)

When life gives you lemons, make limoncello!


Fern said...

Awesome! This recipe is on my to-try list. Let me know how it goes! Definitely way cheaper (and tastier) than liquor store bought limoncello.

Sarah Hazel said...

One doesn't even have to use the Everclear brand of grain alcohol. A few more dollars could be shaved off the total expense that way.

I'll let you know how it tastes. :)

ehaze said...

delicious. can't wait to try this over christmas break, that is if there's any left.

Sarah Hazel said...

I can't wait to share it with you, sweet daughter.

James Everett Newman said...

I was going to leave a "When life gives you lemons . . ." comment, but you beat me to it.

Sarah Hazel said...

This is a little sweet for my taste. Next time I make it, I'll use less simple syrup.