Monday, May 17, 2010

45 Minutes

Daughter Erin was in Houston for a quick visit over the weekend. Before she and boyfriend Andrew went back to Austin, she agreed to pose for me. It would have been helpful (for the painting) if we had had more time...but alas, there was exactly 45 minutes to paint before they needed to hit the road.

It would have been great to paint the both of them. It was charmingly prosaic seeing them sitting together, just relaxing.

Based on the last experience, this time I got out the French easel to prop up the canvas, and a small low end table to use for the palette to my right. It was an easier set-up, but still not perfect. Also, the natural light was rather strong.

It would be great to figure some of this out before asking YOU to pose for me.


erinhazel said...

i love it!

Sarah Hazel said...

me, too!