Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I gave myself a personal goal a year ago -- to paint 35 paintings. At the end of completing those 35 paintings, I would assess their cohesiveness and see if there is continuity and an emerging style. If there is continuity, at that point I'll consider what to do next, as far as continuing to pursue art as a career. "Hilary in a Gray Shirt" was my 32nd painting since setting that goal, so I'm really close.

"Hilary in a Gray Shirt" was also my 218th painting to date....whatever that means.

There are 97 paintings (of mine) in our house right now, which means that more than half of them live somewhere else.

According to my research, it appears that my paintings live in at least 75 different homes or offices.

My paintings have been in 21 different galleries.

Approximately two dozen paintings have been donated to various causes. I'll continue to support the causes with good will, just not with paintings for their auctions. However, I'll consider donating a painting if the artist gets a percentage of the auction bids, gets to meet the winning bidder, and gets a free ticket to the event.

The last time the website was updated was 50 paintings ago. There's got to be an easy way to keep it current. Any web designers out there want to barter a professional, easy to update website for a painting?

There are ten blank canvases in the studio. I've no clue what to paint next.

There are at least three paintings (of mine) that I'd love to keep forever.

This blog entry is my 505th post.

All of this has happened within the last six years.

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