Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Trash or Treasure?

I've been cleaning out the studio of things I don't use or need anymore. Is my trash your treasure? If so, come and get it. This lot includes old sketchbooks, house paint, oil paints, books on funding, broken plates and dishes, pastels, a portable box easel, an abstract painting, and a portfolio bag. It's yours for the taking.


Jennifer said...

I'd love to come around. Have a look at the pastels. Sip a cup of tea, have a chat, talk about life, painting, interior decorating, bring you some homemade goodies and flowers from the garden. But Houston is far away from Belgium. Glad that I can come and visit you here though.

Sarah Hazel said...

Thank you. I'd like that, too. It's hot here, so I'd serve us iced tea....or home brewed kombucha. Bring your kids. All are welcome.