Friday, October 19, 2012

Sigh Language

Not one of my more brilliant fact, it's quite the opposite. 

First of all, this should not have been a project for indoors though it has been good to be near the bathroom sink. This is way more of a mess and way more trouble than it was supposed to be. The plan was to mix my own colors using house paint instead of oils like I usually do. The only way I could think to economize on the cost of paints for the new big art heart project was to use house paint.

Trying to economize with art supplies has wasted my time, efforts, sanity, and money. Not as much money as if I were using oil paints, but the trade off in the learning curve, time, and confidence might make it worth it to use oils. It's just such an expensive habit to have....being an artist. And then to fail in even a small way is such a waste of valuable resources.

*deep sigh*


lltenney said...

Drip, drip.

This hits close to home because I have been painting a little pumpkin pink, for Pink the Patch breast cancer fundraiser. I am on my third try. Apparently, it is fairly easy to take acrylic paint off of a pumpkin. Sigh...

Sarah Hazel said...

The acrylic probably came off because of the oil in the pumpkin skin. I bet painting on a pumpkin would work with oil based paints.