Monday, December 10, 2012

Tilly Goes to School

Tilly is so smart that she was accepted to Rice University! Well, she IS smart, but not that smart. At the request of the school librarian, Tilly went to the library on campus to help students de-stress during finals. Her main "job" is to let everyone pet her, but she also performed almost all of her tricks for the students and faculty who were there.

The librarian gave Tilly an authentic Rice scarf so she's totally legit wherever she goes on campus.

We've gone three times over the past four days and we're leaving soon for one more library visit before Christmas break. It's been a blast.


Margaret Simon said...

I wish I could do this with Charlie. What a great service! I know my little grad student up in Chicago could use some pet therapy right about now. When she gets home next weekend, she'll get plenty of pet and mommy and sister lovin'!

Bruce Baker said...

I saw the library was doing this. I frequent the library but never went over to see this.

This got local news coverage. I do not think when I was a student I would have gone to visit dogs. I would have been too macho.

But then when in apartment I always had a snuggly cat.

Sarah Hazel said...

Margaret - Many of these students kept commenting about seeing their own pets in a few days. They loved it.
Bruce - Macho is no match for cuddling with an enthusiastic dog. All the guys melted. It was really sweet to watch.

erinhazel said...

love the portrait with the books background