Thursday, March 21, 2013

Blind Drawing

My friend, Michelle has started an online creative group called Off the Shelf - a somewhat fortnightly (every two weeks) e-mail to prompt creative action. (You can join, too!) The first assignment was "blind drawing". Blind drawing is when one looks at the something to be drawn without looking at your hand or paper as you draw the object. Since there was leftover paint and dirty brushes from the Sweetheart Roses painting, and the still life was still set up, that's what I drew. Below was the five-ish minute result of only looking at the object and not looking at my right hand while drawing.

And below is what happens when I want to use up all the paint on my palette. I figured it couldn't hurt to "finish" the drawing (while looking this time).

Back in 2008, I challenged myself to paint for 21 days straight, hoping to develop a positive habit of painting on a regular basis. All sorts of things happened during those 21 days but no habits were formed, good or bad. I did paint a lot (duh) and toward the end of it, one of the paintings was given away to a happy reader of this blog by yours truly. I'd like to do that again - not the non habit forming 21 days of painting, but the giving away part. Whoever wants this painting can have it. Free. Leave a comment here, message, tweet @THEsarahhazel, e-mail (sarah at sarah hazel dot com), or tell me to my face to let me know that you want me to add your name to the hat (or something). In one week, all the names of the people who want it will go into a hat (or something) and I'll blindly draw the winning name.

This is another version of the sweetheart roses that was painted the other day and is 11"x 14" oil on cardboard. Remember, it's free!


Fusion Acupuncture said...

I would like to put my name in the hat Sarah!! Are you & Reese going to St Arnolds tomorrow night?!

Sarah Hazel said...

You're in, Cathy!

Margaret Simon said...

Count me in. I love reading about your creative process. I have been doing a blogging challenge to write every day. Some days, I have nothing to say. But it's good to stretch your wings.

Anonymous said...

Please can you put my name in the hat. The painting is gorgeous.- Mary Ann

Sarah Hazel said...

To Anonymous Mary Ann: your name is is the hat. If you win I'm going to need a little more contact information. Good luck and thanks for playing. :)

Sarah Hazel said...

Dear Anonymous Mary Ann,
Someone else won the painting this go around. I'm glad that you played and I hope we have some more interaction. :)
All the best,