Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Three Self Inflicted Messes

Lately I've been catching up on some chores around the house. Still am. I've made a mess of several things.

1. Over the years, the sun faded the soft butter yellow curtains of our bedroom to almost white. So, I decided to dye them yellow again. The Rit Dye directions said one bottle for every two pounds of fabric. I'm sure the curtains were more than two pounds, right? So use two bottles? Well, maybe that was a bit ambitious because now the curtains are nuclear yellow and our bedroom literally glows. Not even kidding. The Amazing Reese thinks we should get a disco ball installed in the bedroom - it's that bad.

2. In the process of rearranging rooms again, and in the spirit of turning the side porch into a cozy bedroom, I'm finally painting the bead board ceiling in there. Let me put it this way, gravity does funny things to paint. And my neck hurts from looking at the ceiling so much.

3. Moving some of my plants to sweep out a mess, I accidentally broke the "put a bird on it" plant container that my daughter Anna gave me for mother's day last year and made a bigger mess of broken pot, dirt, and plant. At least the broom was handy.


michelle said...

Dang instructions - I reckon bedroom curtains'd be more than 2lbs too. I burnt the chilli jam on Sunday because the 'instructions' said to boil until the mixture was reduced by a third - but by that time the batch was borked! I also booked tickets for my daughter and her girls go to the ballet. Trouble is I booked it for a town that's three hours away by car.

Hey with the curtains - could you stamp a pattern onto them to knock the nuclear glow back? Years ago my Aunt bought an Indonesian wood block pattern from an Oxfam shop and stamped the hem of calico curtains and they came up a treat.

Sarah Hazel said...

Ah, so you understand. That must be at least part of the reason I feel a kinship with you, even though we're separated by thousands of miles. Our intentions are good but the whole thing gets borked anyway.

I'm not so sure that stamping a pattern on the curtains will take out the nuclear reactor glow. (?) Day and night, even the white ceiling in the bedroom looks like it's been painted yellow because of the glow. It's really bad. Your aunt's curtains sound really cute, though. Maybe I'll give it a go anyway. It sure can't hurt....