Monday, July 15, 2013


Below is the description I wrote for my profile on airbnb. Regular readers have heard it all before. But did you catch that --  I listed three of our bedrooms on airbnb? Less than 24 hours after listing one of the rooms we had a guest stay with us. It's been non stop since then. It's kind of hard to believe. I'm grateful...and amazed.

I am artist who writes.....or maybe a writer who paints.

One of my absolute favorite things in the world to do is showing hospitality.

There's not an option for Spanglish in languages section of this profile thingy or I would have checked that box.

I love volunteering -- but my absolute favorite volunteering of all time is taking Tilly the Wonder dog to Methodist Hospital for pet therapy with the patients.

One of the biggest blessings in my life was getting whooping cough, also known as the 100 day cough, because it allowed me undistracted time and opportunity to learn how to play the ukulele.

I've gone busking with said ukulele and earned enough money to buy a few really good craft beers plus tip.

I'm married to the Amazing Reese and we have four grown daughters who are all beautiful, kind, and smart.

Did I mention Tilly the Wonder dog? She's a stunning black standard poodle that we found at the Humane Society. She's the absolute best dog we've ever had.

I drink a large bowl of cappulatte every morning. (I'm pretty sure I invented the term cappulatte.) It's got the milk of a latte with the added foam of a cappuccino. It's quite good, hence the large bowl for drinking it.....mmmm, coffee.

Last thing -- I enjoy re-arranging furniture and honestly think that the furniture enjoys it, too. If, during your visit, you notice that your room isn't represented exactly like it was in the airbnb photographs, it's because the furniture and I decided a change was in order.

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