Tuesday, August 27, 2013

No Small Feat

So....life. It's big. And small. So much of life is the little things, but get too many little things going on at the same time and life gets big. That's what's happened to me lately -- lots of little things adding up to a grand schedule crunch, which has, by and large, prevented me from any significant work in the studio. That should change after this weekend. It HAS to change because I have projects and deadlines coming up. But this weekend, the Amazing Reese and I have the glorious privilege of witnessing our daughter wed a wonderful young man and participate in all of the pre-wedding hoopla that goes with such a happy occasion. The bride is ready. The mother of the bride (that's me) still hasn't decided what she is going to wear, except for the shoes. Three days ago, I finally found the perfect pair of shoes for a mother of the bride to wear to an outdoor wedding. Shopping for shoes was no small feat for these not small feet.
I feel compelled to put up a disclaimer to people who might be adversely affected by looking at a photo of my feet. Sorry. It was a slow news day.


Michelle said...

Many congratulations and joy for you and your family, Sarah. Weddings are such wonderful occasions and bringing someone new into your family makes for a great reason to celebrate.

I'm mother of the groom in 2015 so any pointers, tips, or observations you might have on your role would be much appreciated.

Does being the Mother of the Bride mean you're a grown up now?

Sarah Hazel said...

Thank you! Yes, I'm pretty sure that this is stage 18 of being a grown up. It's been so gradual that it snuck up on me though. I didn't realize that we were this far along until recently.