Thursday, October 31, 2013

It's Melting!

Thinking that yesterday would be a good day to tackle a chore I've been planning for a while, I set about mixing colors to get just the right shade of yellow to paint our front door. For this project, I concocted my own mixture using Sherwin Williams Sunflower (yellow) and China Doll (soft white).

The door has been in pretty bad shape for some time.

The yellow is bright, but the right kind of happiness I want to convey when people walk up to our front door.

Now, normally, I use oil paints. But for this project, decided to use some house paint that I had gathered for a previous art project that never quite materialized. Turns out, yesterday was a little damp and humid, and even though I used a big fan to dry the door, since the paints were water based instead of oil based, after a few hours of rain this morning, this is what happened.

The paint is literally melting off the door! It's a little sad, but if this is as sad as it gets for today, it's still a pretty good day. The biggest bummer will be all of the adorable little trick or treaters tonight. It honestly wasn't my intent to trick my treaters, but there will no doubt be some tiny little knuckles with yellow paint on them by the end of the night....and a front door that looks worse for the wear, but is more than happy to open, greet, and welcome each loved one, friend, neighbor, guest, and yes, the little goblins, too.


Robinsline said...

I love the yellow. Very Hazel.

Sarah Hazel said...


Hilary said...

I even like the bits that are more brown than the rest of the door, makes it look like it belongs in early 1900s France.