Wednesday, May 06, 2015

This Present Drought

It's been an inordinately long time since I posted, for reasons not fully understood, even by me. Hence, the silence. My creativity seems to have slipped into a black hole -- a vortex of vagueness and emptiness. Well, maybe not emptiness so much as a deep earthen cavern where one stumbles in the darkness and where the damp coldness chokes any spark of light. It has been excruciatingly difficult to find creativity. Sustaining it has been nigh to impossible. That said, I am working on a commission, a portrait, that is slowly evolving into the likeness of the person, but the work has been long and hard. This struggle is probably a normal part of any creative person's process.....though blessings of creativity in my past have FAR far far exceeded this present drought.

The drought seems to be confined only to the creative aspect of my life. It is all encompassing -- writing, painting, cooking, gardening, playing music -- all has suffered. I can pull an occasional rabbit out of the hat, but mostly, the tricks are old, tired, and exposed.

This isn't a complaint -- honestly -- it's just an attempt at an explanation. Only my creative life has been disrupted -- I'm more stunned than anything, surprised that the normally fertile soil of my brain is such a parched desert of a landscape. Hopefully, just explaining this vacuous mind suck will revive something.....anything to reconnect my normally creative mind and hands to my heart, soul, and spirit. And hopefully, soon, I will find beauty in this desert.


Fusion Acupuncture said...

And when the creative rains DO finally return~and they will~you will produce some amazing things.

Sarah Hazel said...

Thank you, Cathy. :)

Els Hoefakker said...

I actually thought your blogpost was very creative and artistic.
But i am obviously not as good with words, either english or dutch.
I love you! You are wonderful person, drought or not.

SIL Jenny said...

Based on my past--and current--deserts, the interesting thing is how the creativity comes back and takes different forms and emphasis. Give yourself the grace to be in this still point, knowing that our ultimate Creator will gift you with the next phase as He sees fit. In the meantime, don't fret! ❤️❤️❤️

erinhazel said...

thanks for this honest, raw post!
many can relate.