Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Who can explain a creative drought? Even as I sit here and try to think of clever words to type, my mind is blank, so perhaps I'm not totally out of this wilderness of unspiration. Artistically, I've been at a complete loss of what to do. That's not normal for me.

So, it was incredibly confirming, when, after not painting for a year, that this painting that was barely dry off the easel, was accepted into the Eighth Annual Juried Exhibition for Archway Gallery! The juror was John Runnels, seen here with me in this photo. The show will be in the gallery until August 3.

 The Amazing Reese was graciously taking photos, an inordinate amount of photos --  this one is my favorite.

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erinhazel said...

Thanks for persevering! ♡ Congratulations