Sunday, May 28, 2006

Chad said....

"Chad said....
I love your title, by the way. It's vague enough to mean anything, yet apt for describing views on painting, how to read paintings, or even how to create art. Nice work."

Chad left this comment on this blog's May 9th entry. "Finding My Glasses" is the title of my solo exhibit in November. My daughter, Anna, helped come up with the name. It really signifies this new vision I'm discovering through painting, this new way of looking at life. I hope that people will enjoy my "view" through what I put on canvas and that this vision stays unique. (remember, you're unique just like everybody else) It is a new perspective for me. I'm transforming from one phase of my life (stay at home mom, mostly) to a new phase of being a professional artist. I'm "finding my glasses."

But that's not really why Anna suggested the title.

"Sarah said....(my response to Chad)
Also, I spend an inordinate amount of time looking for my glasses. They get in the way, or are uncomfortable, and I take them off and forget where I've put them. One day I found them in the refrigerator."

Just this past week, I "found" my glasses (1) on top of the dryer in the garage (2) in the parking lot at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston (3) on the front lawn of our house at 10 o'clock at night. I had been looking for hours.

Maybe this is just par for the course. All artists have their eccentricities, right?


Mark said...

Hey its mark steinbach checking in. shanna just told me about yours. i will write comments when they strike me. you can read mine at

shanna said...

feel free to post it. it's exciting for me to know that I have more than one reader :)