Thursday, May 25, 2006

Things I've observed while painting today:

1. It's harder than it looks.

2. I forget that it's a bit hard.

3. I move around a lot, and walk backwards away from my painting and trip on stuff.

4. I get messy, and have to clean my hands and fingers because.....

5. I use my fingers to paint sometimes.

6. A beer helps me relax and get in the groove.

7. I hate the minutia of details.

8. It's good to not have distractions.

9. It's great to be back in my studio.


sol said...

where's your studio? beer helps? cool. what else helps to get you in the groove?

Sarah Hazel said...

1. My studio co-exists with Erin's/the guest bedroom.

2. Only good beer.

3. A good Johnny Cash cd. " I fell in to a burning ring of fire, I went down, down, down and the flames went higher. And it burns burns burns...."

Sarah Hazel said...

reference #2 above: today, "Saint Arnold Elissa IPA"

Nils said...

I’m quitting my job right now to become an artist. Right now! Here I go …

Okay, maybe I’m really just all about the beer.

Tricia said...

Finger there's something I haven't done in a long time. It sounds therapeutic. Maybe I can finger paint with Becca when she's old enough. :)

Sarah Hazel said...

You and Becca will love it. I would suggest starting with something a little more water-soluable than oil paints, though.