Monday, September 11, 2006


Recently my husband informed me that a certain segment of our society is using the term "tweaking" to describe the way a body feels as it's coming down from a drug induced high. The body starts twitching, called tweaking, while the user is crashing and searching for the next fix.

Also recently, a well respected art friend of mine came over to offer advice on my upcoming exhibit. She looked at everything, and with a trained eye critiqued about twenty paintings that need a little tweaking. Just a minor adjustment here and there....and I suddenly understood the druggie's plight. Her advice was sound and well appreciated, but just the thought of the work ahead of me caused me to inwardly twitch.

So while inwardly crashing, I'll get out my paints and tweak more than a few, searching for the right, adjustment. I'm definately tweaking.


mcoker said...

Take a hit of Cadmium Yellow and Cobalt Blue! It's good stuff, maaaan!!!!

Sarah Hazel said...

Plus, I'd get the added benefit of a very lovely green!