Wednesday, March 21, 2007


What defines an eccentric?

A few days ago on Laurie's blog, I saw that she had sorted all of her books by color, and I thought,

"That makes perfect sense. Why didn't I think of that?"

So now, almost all of the books in our house are sorted by color. It seems normal enough, but my family has teased me mercilessly. Honestly, haven't you always wanted a color co-ordinated library? As a visual learner, books are much easier to find based on color (for me.) Why not arrange the books in an aesthetically pleasing way?

Reese was fumbling around in the living room, and I heard him say,

"I know my bible is brown, but it's not in the brown books section. Where is it?"

"Of course, it's not in the brown books section. It's in the bible box."


Sarah Hazel said...

Because of the disheveled look of the cd's behind the bible box, they are also now organized by color.

hilary said...

ha! ya'll are hysterical!
i love the idea though! i might just copy you & laurie. :)
i'm looking forward to seeing you next week! are ya'll going to the bayou city art festival this weekend?

Sarah Hazel said...

The chances for us going to the Bayou City Art Festival are hovering slightly above zero percent.

mcoker said...

Makes sense to me! :-)