Tuesday, November 27, 2007


The house was full last week; full of warmth, loving family, dear friends, good smells, tasty food, flowing wine, continuous laughter, mutual acceptance, and excessive clutter.

For the last ten (?) years, we have celebrated Thanksgiving with our Australian neighbor friends. Between the two of us, Jennine and I have finally perfected the Thanksgiving dinner...for our families. It was great.

After the hubbub of the Thanksgiving holidays died down, I called my mom to see how things were in Mississippi. We were talking about this and that, nothing of life changing importance when she asked,

"Do you really like painting?"

To which I replied, "I love painting."

She then said something about deadlines and the business of art, to which I insisted that I thrive on goals and deadlines. Don't even think about asking me to focus on details, but to have a short term goal, or a long range plan, and it's like having a jolt of electricity coursing through my veins....in a good way.

That's why it was a bit of a personal disappointment the other week when I had written down the wrong deadline for something, which was completely my fault. Thinking that I had until the end of the month to put the final touches on a few paintings....and not being able to before the November 15th deadline (not November 30th) threw me off a little.

Ah, well. Can't get too hung up on disappointment. There's another deadline approaching. Or maybe it's a lifeline.

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