Sunday, November 18, 2007

Rain Rain Go Away

This is as good as it gets. Reese took this photo with my cell phone about 15 minutes before sprinkling rain stopped our work. My friend Cynthia had come to help me paint my square for Via Colori, but even with her assistance we were no match for Mother Nature. All three of us struggled in the wind and rain to tape a large plastic drop cloth over the big square. Then we sat on a drizzly curb and waited. There was one point when Cynthia and I thought that the rain had cleared enough to start drawing again. We peeled back part of the plastic and started working on the door in the painting. But there was not a chance that the weather was going to clear. Not even a 50 percent chance.

The deluge lasted all night and throughout the morning, and even so, I honestly thought that today I would get to finish the work. So after church Reese and I went downtown, hopeful...hopeful that the plastic and taped down edges had kept all the rain off the image, hopeful that we could redeem the time and still finish the painting, hopeful that the show would go on...

What we saw when we got there was a big splot of colorful mud. The pastels used for drawing on the street make a lovely pasty glob when wet.

It was sad.


Tricia said...

Bummer, Sarah. What you had looked nice, though.

Sarah Hazel said...