Saturday, June 14, 2008

Day 11

Of the 11 days that I've painted in a row on my new quest, about half of the days have been complete flops. Half of the days I've spent wiping off as much paint as I've put on the canvas. Some of the progress is encouraging, but in all 11 days, not one painting has been completed.

Painting is a lonely process. I need the calm and quiet when I paint, but quite frankly, it exhausts me. Is that even possible? I've heard that if one is an introvert, that being in big crowds can be exhausting. Could the opposite be true as well? That an extrovert would be exhausted from the solitude?


rinny said...

yes, meyers-briggs says that is absolutely true. intraversion/extraversion has everything to do with where you find your energy. if you are energized around people, you're an E. if you're energized by solitude, you're an I.

sol said...

yes. you should definitely be around people more often...maybe schedule a coffee break with a friend.
you know how you get that sort of buzzy feeling at a party with friends and you have not drunk more than once glass of wine? well you are getting your "high" from being near others.

Sarah Hazel said...

Hey friend, coffee sounds great. When and where?

marylamb said...

i love lovelove your daughters, especially the austin ones. they are such goodness.