Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sweet Baby Anna

On some canvases I prep the surface by painting a thin underlay of color. That way, if some parts of the canvas accidentally get left unpainted, at least a glaring white canvas isn't peeking through. As this image was taking shape, the simplicity of the painting as a whole greatly appealed to me.

Hmmm, thinking back, I had just gone to see John Alexander's exhibit at the MFAH for the third time. He has more than a few paintings on display where only the image is drawn, and there is no background to distract the viewer.

It's an intriguing exhibit. The movement through the years, seeing his work evolve, is very thought provoking. From the messiness of the 80's to the relative peacefulness of the 90's, when he seems to be gathering his soul....then the explosion of this decade where thirty years of his essence/being collide; it's a sight to behold. These last few years he really seems to be tying the bits and pieces of every painting he's ever done together in a grand way, on a grand scale. Epic.

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