Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ode to Ike

It's a week and a day without power
but at least we have a warm shower
four friends on our block
(they really do rock)
gave us ice so our milk wouldn't sour.

We baked bread in our friend Judy's oven
so Reese and I still have been shovin'
good bread in our tummies
whole wheat sure tastes yummy
and helps our health for good lovin'.

Gabrielle loaned her washer and dryer
for towels that sopped all the water
since Hurricane Ike
has caused quite a spike
in fact it was getting quite dire.

The Snyders had us over to dinner
supplies in the freezer are thinner
to eat our way through
is not hard to do
meal sharing is always a winner.

Today we got Minh's generator
his power came sooner than later
to Scotty and Jenni
he loaned two which was plenty
and they shared to make our lives better!

So now we have limited juice
I'm sitting here eating cous cous
updating my blog
like a bump on a log
quite happy to catch up on news.


Everett said...

I like your limericks.

Sarah Hazel said...

Thank you, Everett! Hilary told me that you'll be writing some limericks soon.