Friday, September 12, 2008


Hurricane Ike is causing a commotion in Houston. So far, we are staying put.

Here's why:

1. Our home is so far inland that it's unlikely the storm surge will affect us.

2. A few months ago, Reese pruned (whacked) a tree that usually drops big limbs in high winds, so no limbs will fall out of that tree because of high winds.

3. We have plenty of food and water. The grocery store was out of all the good (bad) snack foods, and therefore our diet will remain healthy. On the plus side, Joy is making homemade toffee today. Yum.

4. We rented a few movies -- of course, we won't be able to watch them if the electricity goes out.

5. The leaves are raked from the path beside the house so that backyard water has a proper drainage ditch-ish thing.

6. The flashlight and small radio have batteries.

7. Just in case, the gas tanks in our cars are full.

8. And last but not least, we have an old school telephone that doesn't need electrical power to operate, just an old fashioned phone line.


Betsy Bryan said...

I've been watching the forecast for Ike, and have been wondering about you. Thanks for the post!

Tricia said...

Hope everything is going okay.

Serg and Lis said...

looks like we left just in time! :)
however, I'm not so happy we didn't get to see you!

hope you guys are well and get power soon!!!!!!!!