Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pink and Ike

"Naturaleza Muerta en Rosa" (or Still Life in Pink) is my offering for Lawndale Art Center's Dia de los Muertos exhibit. It's so named for a few reasons. My friendship with Francoise blossomed because she generously and graciously helped me learn a little french. One of the things we did together was watch the Oscar winning movie, La Vie en Rose, the tragic life story of French singer, Edith Piaf. Though the actual translation for La Vie en Rose is Life in Pink, Francoise explained that it was more akin to our phrase, "looking at life through rose colored glasses." So thinking about la vie en rose, and how even when one looks at life through rose colored glasses, life still ends in death. Morbid, yes, but consider that this painting is for the day of the dead celebration. I originally wanted to name it "nature morte en rose" which would be the french term for still life in pink....or to take it one step further, death through rose colored glasses. Therefore, my retablo is named with that phrase in mind....except dia de los muertos is a mexican tradition, and so instead of french, I translated the title (and idea) into spanish.....lots of words to explain a little painting. The exhibit opening is tonight.

Fresh Arts put out a call to artists for art made from the debris left behind by hurricane Ike. The strong winds of Ike tore down many fences, both literally and figuratively. Because the electricity was off in so many homes, Houstonians gathered in neighborhoods all over town and started sharing ice, drinks, meals, and stories. So I built a table top out of torn down fence pickets, because the fences were down in our hearts and in our yards. The black bamboo that was ripped out of a friend's yard became the support, or the legs, for what are we without the support of a good friend? The fence table top was tied to the bamboo legs with bits of electrical wire, because really, it was the common loss of electricity that tied us all together anyway. The wine corks under the table top signify the unity from a shared experience and a shared glass of wine.

"Join the Houston community in a celebration of art and perseverance as we hold a silent auction with the art submitted to the MADE FROM IKE art contest. All proceeds from the auction will go to Americans for the Arts Emergency Relief fund and William Graham Emergency Artist Fund that helps local arts service organizations rebuild the arts in their communities.

Caroline Collective Courtyard
4820 Caroline St
Houston, TX 77004

Oct. 24, 2008 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

At 6PM, the doors of the courtyard will be opened and the community invited to celebrate the perseverance of our beloved art scene. Meet artists and organizations who have determination in the facce of adversity, bid on some amazing home-grown art made from Ike´s remnants and enjoy a Saint Arnolds among friends."

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Mary said...

i was at the mean eyes cat bar and i met this woman who has stuff in the Lawndale Art Center's Dia de los Muertos exhibit. she was drunk and kept asking me where i was from and if i had been there before. i named dropped your name, but she did not know of your greatness. :) wish you could be in austin sunday for the pumpkin carving party. it will be help at erin and kristi's.