Monday, October 27, 2008

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As mentioned before, Reese and I attended an open mike poetry night a couple of weeks ago. During the same event, a notebook was passed around, and whoever was in the room had the opportunity to write a few words or phrases as part of a collective poem based on the Astrid painting. This method of collecting words in part to become a whole was invented was by surrealists in the mid 20's. The end result is generally referred to as cadavre exquis, or exquisite corpse.

It was nerve wracking waiting and wondering how the various people in the room would respond to the painting in verse.

The finished product was a pleasant exquisite corpse. Thanks to all the poets that night who contributed.


Wondering why I can't go outside today?
When this cold is over, I'll play in the sun all day
And embrace each ray, letting my skin absorb every ounce of its beautiful light.
I will become.
I will be and reflect
Shining summer and sniffing flowers
and romping in fields like a kitten chasing butterflies
until I fall into a pond!
(knowing glance. wonder. life.)
It is only until I fall into the pond that I see who I am.
If only I had followed rather than just glanced
And to follow would not be so bad if but I followed the One.
Looking for Him, I seek.
One precious in His eyes. Praise be to God.
Your gaze is like a cold drink
pure water to renew my strength
and hope for another day
Another day still coming.

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Betsy Bryan said...

Pretty cool! I used to do an activity like this when I taught first grade, only all oral. We got some interesting stories!