Monday, December 15, 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Santa needs a little helper.

The short list goes something like this....there's daughter Hilary's birthday dinner party for between 15 and 20 guests, then Christmas, then Reese's birthday, then a "welcome back to Texas" party for some dear friends. It's all do-able, if not slightly overwhelming. There's a bit of extra cleaning, shopping (I've barely started,) cooking and baking to do -- RIGHT NOW.

Plus, at the forefront is a commission to be completed as a Christmas gift for someone I met through working on Via Colori -- it's almost finished but has pushed previously planned projects aside for a bit.

We did get the Christmas tree yesterday, then realized that we didn't have a stand and had to go back to the store, well, two stores because the first store was sold out. Got the lights on the tree today. Sure do hope it's decorated by tonight, and I can get the messy boxes out of the living room.

The production for Reese's Christmas gift has slowed to a crawl....I need more time, and perhaps sanity.

And the gifts I'm working on for family members aren't finished, and they still need to be mailed. There are two separate projects going for friends and neighbors. Whew, I'm tired just writing it all down. I think I'm forgetting something, too....oh right, Skipper (the dog) desperately needs to go to the groomer.

Then there's the added issue that Reese and I need to do something in the back yard to prepare for the two parties. As it is now there's a pile of mud that will be impossible to resist for the young friends who will soon be our guests. There's no way for even grown ups to walk in the back yard without getting in mud....little bits of mud are everywhere. The charming cherubic statue part of the fountain busted (after Reese worked his tail off to get the hole dug for The Beast) and needs to be fixed (with Rockite) and properly installed.

On another note, (so to speak,) listen to this:
Baby, it's cold outside
These two together sound great (in my opinion,) though the youtube images are cheesy. Reese has agreed to sing karaoke with me on this one -- some day.


Betsy Bryan said...

I can tell we're related. I looooove "Baby It's Cold Outside", and sing it almost every day in the winter (except for days like today, when it is almost 70). I heard a cool story about the guy who wrote it, Frank Loesser, on NPR a couple of years ago. He actually wrote it for he and his wife to sing at a party. Here's the link to the story, and you can hear the two them sing it together:

And don't worry about the amount of things you have to do. That's when I get my best work done, when I'm overloaded. :-)

marylamb said...

i watched elf today, which has 'baby it is cold outside' in it. i first heard it when i saw that movie a few years back. my dream is to sing it with a cute boy.

ehaze said...

dolly AND rod? yes please!