Saturday, December 27, 2008

True Poetry

When Reese asked me what I wanted for Christmas from him, I mentioned that I would be happy with either a sonnet or a song. He has written both sonnets and songs before, so it wasn't like I was asking for anything out of his comfort zone. Reese, in his brilliance, did both. He wrote an English sonnet and set it to music. It's probably the best thing he's ever written -- and I should know, I'm his biggest fan.

When it occurred to me that I had painted a portrait of Reese playing the guitar for him for Christmas, and he had actually written a song and played the guitar for me for was poetic, in the truest sense of the word.

Blue Sonnet by The Amazing Reese Hazel

Another night is over for the day
And all the little bits of dew are done
You come along and take the dark away
The night is over coming is the sun

You look for hidden meaning in between
The lines that lay around are everywhere
And looking here and there you might have seen
Another rainy night for us to share

Now cuddle up and let me hold your hand
And listen to the water falling free
You know you have to let me be your man
As anyone with eyes would have to see

So anything that I will have to do
I will to make you mine I will be true


Betsy Bryan said...

Lovely poem!

J. said...

How sweet . . . and the painting in the previous post looks *fantastic*! Thanks for sharing your Christmas with us.

marylamb said...

i would only hope to find a love like you guys one day.

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Y'all are our inspiration.