Wednesday, January 07, 2009

More -- It's a Good Thing

It seems like there's hardly been time to recover from the busy holiday season, and there's more to do already.

When I went to Bulldog Postal to mail Christmas gifts last month, the owner liked what I had made so much that he commissioned me to make one as a gift for his brother's birthday on January 3rd. First, I laughed...ha!...the absolute absurdity of doing one more thing by January 3rd! Then I agreed to do it, but not by January 3rd. Deal. That's the first thing I'm working on this week, something similar to the clock in the photo, which was Erin's homemade Christmas gift from me.

Then, last Sunday morning I received a really interesting e-mail. A new wine bar was gutting a warehouse, and had the bright idea to let artists come forage for stuff. The new owners were asking artists to make a piece of art out of the objects in the warehouse for Block 7 Wine Company grand opening sometime in late February/early March. Cool. It could be that the owners were just looking for some cheap labor...but they turned out to be super nice. So, Anna and I went foraging, and now we are both working on wine culture related art made out of the materials found in the warehouse. One of the cool things I found was an old army cot. Yesterday was spent trying to clean it (in the process of which I accidentally spilled a whole bottle of bleach on the driveway -- bummer.) Now I'm working on separating the canvas from the cot, then I'll build a frame for the canvas out of the cot frame, gesso the canvas, and use the whole thing for a painting. If none of that works, I grabbed some other junky type stuff from the warehouse and have loads of other ideas....

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