Monday, January 26, 2009

Back Yard Evolution

There are several things I want to point out in this photo....

First, for those who might not be aware, we obviously have painted several murals on the back of the house. The paint is holding up quite well, as this was painted several years ago.

Second, the patio work and design is still in progress; the brick and flagstone arranged in swirls to complement Starry Night on the mural/top right.

Third, the fountain is working!!!! The Amazing Reese dug a huge hole so that we could submerse it in the ground because...well, because he wanted it not to be so obvious. It looks great. The little yellow thing floating on top of the water is a rubber duckie. One might care to notice that a little bit of landscaping has been started around the pond as well.

And fourth, in the foreground is the ultra cool lantern I had commissioned from local Houston artist Jonatan Lopez. He used our old blue Weber grill -- the very same one that I have used to burn paintings -- as the casing for the light bulb. He cut a vine type pattern out of the metal, and at night when the lantern is on, the light dances and sparkles from the old Weber grill pit.


marylamb said...

wowwow! that back yard looks great. i lovelovelove the lantern. i guess i will have to make a trip to the hazels to hang out and have a few st arnold's sometime so very soon.

also, i think my skillet is seasoned well. the pizza did not stick, it just burnt. the bottom only though. meh, i will try again.

Joan Breckwoldt said...

Your backyard looks great, I love the fountain, I know it was a lot of work! Wow, a weber grill? Very clever!

Betsy said...

A very inviting backyard! I want to come over and sit in the chairs and watch the light dance out of the weber grill.

ehaze said...

WOW. how tall is the lantern? what kind of light is it (electric, gas, etc)?

Sarah Hazel said...

It's 8 feet tall and electric.

Everyone's welcome anytime, of course, though the it's (the backyard) still a work in progress. Good grief; I'M still a work in progress. :)