Monday, April 27, 2009

Bee Kind

The Amazing Reese is once again proving how amazing and Reese-like he is.

Life isn't always fun and games. The very monotonousness of the everyday had both Reese and me contemplating how to jump start passion for living. What were some of the things from life past that brought satisfaction and/or an amount of pleasure? For me, learning how to paint has been a deeply satisfying journey. Blogging about the process has been a double treat. I love writing probably as much as or more than painting. Reese, while being super supportive of my ventures (which includes enthusiastic praise and custom picture frames) had sort of fizzled out on the fun life scale.

Intense self evaluation must be the genesis of many a typical mid life crisis'. While reluctant to use the phrase mid life crisis, the term and meaning is real. Without intervention, the possibility (or probability) with regards to Reese for deep unhappiness was imminent. Remembering another lifetime, as a teenager, Reese thoroughly enjoyed helping his mom keep a hive of bees in their side yard.

That was a while ago. Then we had babies, and cars, and a house, and work, and work, and work....well, it's a typical scenario. Not to diminish the wonderfulness of sharing/raising a family, but some days it just feels like life is a giant sucking sound.

So in the last few months, Reese has rediscovered his joy of beekeeping. With some Christmas money, he bought himself a bee suit and some supplies. And just a couple of days ago, he launched this website to start what he and I both hope to be his new adventure. Last Saturday, he collected a bee hive and we were able to salvage several jars of honey (see accompanying photo)...not always possible with a wild hive. Also in the photo is a loaf of the fresh bread Reese has been baking for us, another of his delights from early married life. Reese even grinds the wheat berries to make this yummy bread. To bring everything full circle, Reese will use his own honey from his own bees to make his next batch of bread. Yum. I can hardly wait. Did I mention how amazing he is?


Lis said...

He is amazing!!!! :) I'm so excited to finally know a beekeeper!! I have become obsessed with all the wonders honey and propoleo can do!!!!!!

We'll be proud to support our local beekeeper when we return to the States! :)

J. said...

SWEET! There are so many things to love about bees . . .