Sunday, April 12, 2009


About the only thing artistic that's happened around here lately is dyeing Easter eggs.

Joy mentioned that some of her friends might drop in mid-afternoon on Saturday, so I boiled a few extra eggs thinking that even teenagers would enjoy dyeing Easter eggs. Right? Alas, her friends never showed. And by the time Joy and I finally got around to decorating the eggs, Joy was feeling right cheeky. (We've both been convalescing and cooped up for days. During the time stuck at home, we've watched a LOT of movies. That's another phrase Mrs. Wolfe warned against...a lot.) With just the two of us at home, 18 eggs seemed like an almost overwhelming task to complete. Getting started, the first egg Joy decorated and dyed said, "Mom made EGGstra." Good grief. It probably took us two hours to finish these silly eggs. The best thing about that was that it was a very pleasant diversion from watching movies.

Also, a sad update on the firetruck wreck from a couple of weeks ago. The young lady who was hit while riding her bicycle passed away.


Newman said...

I like the eggs.

Sarah Hazel said...