Monday, October 05, 2009

The Ole Cruiser

The ole cruiser (the bike, not me) is still able to ride the streets of Houston, though with quite a few creaks and groans (both me and the bike.) This photo was taken before the start of Critical Mass, an organized chaos of a bike riding event. During the ride, the gears started clacking and changing at will, which led us back to the Third Ward Bike Shop to fine tune the ole cruiser (the bike, not me.) All this to say that the ole cruiser (the bike...and consequently me) was the "pseudo-star" of a story that was finally published in the Houston Chronicle last week.

Last week, I delivered the Angel Oak Tree painting to Betz Gallery for the Angel Exhibit; the opening is October 17th.

Another painting (called Reese and Hilary in Galveston) was delivered last week to Rice University to be part of an art exhibit in conjunction with the Shell Center for Sustainability Houston Water Conference. The exhibit is in Farnsworth Pavilion in the Ley Student Center and is open to the public now through October 29th, during regular hours.

Though not ready, the retablo is due this week at Lawndale Art Center for their Dia de los Muertos Exhibit. (*Deep sigh* and shaking my head); I just don't see from where the time will come to finish and deliver it. (Another deep sigh and shake of the head); it just doesn't seem possible. Good grief! The ole cruiser (me, not the bike) is feeling slightly desperate for more time. Argh!

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