Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fiesta Forever

Lawndale Art Center knows how to throw a good party, and last night's Dia de los Muertos Gala was a festive event. It was noisy, lively, and crowded like a good party should be. Houstonians were out in full force to support Team Lawndale. (My retablo is not visible in this photo. It's actually just left of the last retablo on the top left wall....)

One of my artist friends graciously offered to take this photo (of me) standing in front of "Still Life Goes On." Just as Cynthia was about to snap the pic, an unknown gentleman walked behind her and volunteered a very lovely compliment on my appearance, hence the "aw shucks thank you very much" smile, after which he asked if I would please e-mail him a copy of the photo. Well, here it is mister.

After the Lawndale shindig last night, I joined Reese at our friend and neighbor's 60th birthday fiesta. Ah, more good times. Just big amazing man Reese is singing Cielito Lindo with the mariachis, after which he spun me in his arms as we waltzed around an improvised dance floor.

Dear God, I love that man.

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soraya nulliah said...

Enjoyed reading some of your posts. really LOVE your still lifes-apples-good form-could just eat 'em:) Your portraits are very expressive too