Saturday, February 20, 2010

Desperate Continuum

Earlier this week, there was a lovely article in the Houston Chronicle blog that jolted me a little bit. This depressed economy has been challenging for Reese and me financially...and quite honestly, we're struggling. The ends just aren't meeting. In all of our talk at home about ways to bring in some cash, I had casually mentioned to an art friend that one of the ideas Reese and I were considering was having an open house with the hope of selling a bunch of my paintings in the $50 - $400 range. We were just throwing around ideas. Word travels....because stunningly, in the third paragraph in the above mentioned article, there's a statement that says....
Following this event, Hazel's art will next be on view at a retrospective exhibition of her work in April.
Wow. Um, well, I guess it's time to make it happen. The whole city of Houston (and beyond) is invited to our house, 2315 Addison Rd, on April 9th from 5 - 9pm. Y'all come buy some art (and whatever else isn't nailed down.)

One of the tasks I'm doing in preparation for the Hazel Open House is -- surprise! -- painting. For quite a while, this ole rooster has been fussing at me to re-paint the background. (He was originally painted in 2006.) It took forever to decide how to re-do the background, but here it is.
People ask me all the time how long it takes to finish a painting. For this rooster, the total amount of time spent creating the painting is now is, give or take, almost 4 years, though, according to Einstein, (this is from WikiAnswers)
experiments to define time on its own were a waste of time because time is actually a dimension of duration in covariance with space. Thus we have the timespace continuum, not the "time and space" continuum.
And this 16" x 20" custom framed oil on linen Sarah Hazel painting could be yours for the low low price of $325, (unless, of course, there's a bidding war.)

Feel free to make an offer on the house as well. It's a great house in a great neighborhood with wonderful neighbors. We've loved living here. It's the kind of house that will perpetually need TLC, but totally worth it. (I'll upload some photos on Zillow soon.)

Also, recently I had a give-away for one of my apple paintings. For this open house, I'll add all the names already entered in the last drawing, and everyone who attends the open house can enter their name (or re-enter as the case may be) and another painting will be given away by 9pm on April 9th. But wait, there's more: 5% of the open house night's proceeds (excluding the sale of the house) will be donated to Yellowstone Academy.


em said...

Wow! I've not visited in a while, but I'm glad to see that you're still going strong on the bloggery. The house show sounds fun -- if I'm in town, I'll definitely make it. It's been too long!

Sarah Hazel said...

Em, it would be great to see you again, with or without a "house show."

sol said...

that's good stuff. would you take a donation of food and wine for your house show?

Sarah Hazel said...

Yes, Sol. Thanks. :)

J. said...

I totally missed this post. I love the house; I can't imagine it without you inside. And bare walls? Well, I suppose that gives you room for more paintings. :) I'd like to come.

Sarah Hazel said...

Please do come, J. On the advice of a art guru, I'm changing the night to April 8th.