Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Magnolia...and maybe Texas

My mind wanders. Many times over the years, I've wondered what it would have been like to name our daughters after flowers. Magnolia, had I been brave enough, would top the list.

Other flower names for our daughters thought of over the years...Daisy, Rose, Violet, Lily, and Camellia. We, of course, would have to have had two more daughters to round out the list.

I've never met anyone named Magnolia, have you?

On a hunt for a magnolia blossom for several days, this one was found yesterday (with permission) in a neighbor's yard at the end of a very long block. By the time the flower and I made it home, we had both wilted from the heat. It was put in a glass of water anyway, but checking on it several times throughout the day, there was no change in perkiness, for me or the flower.

Today, because the little bits of work that happened yesterday were thrown out, Hilary agreed to pose for me again. When I went to the studio to prepare, lo and behold, yesterdays magnolia was in full bloom. Hilary, ever the willing model, bowed out, and I took full advantage of this fading moment of magnolia season.

While painting this first magnolia painting today, I wasn't wearing my glasses. It's something that, looking at these photos, is noticeably obvious (to me.) It's 8" x 8", oil on canvas.

Can you see a difference, or is it just me? The one below was painted with the addition of corrective lenses. It's 9 1/2" x 9 1/2", oil on canvas.

(Had the daughters been named after states, they would have been Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, and Tennessee...or maybe, Texas.)

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