Monday, November 22, 2010

The New 47

November 20th marked the fifth year in a row that I've participated in Via Colori, a street painting festival which doubles as a fundraiser for the Center for Hearing and Speech. November 20th was also my 47th birthday.

This year's inspiration for the street art came from my very own painting, Pink Chucks. Sweet darling Anna was in town and spent the entire day helping get the art on the street.

The square was located close to the sound stage, with wonderful musicians performing all day. At one point, Reese and I took advantage of the music to swing dance. I LOVE swing dancing and God bless him, Reese even took a class with me so that, when in public, we could pretend that we know how to do it. (We are enthusiastic -- not talented.)

Erroneously, I thought that because I was working on a smaller square than in years past, (36 square feet as opposed to 100 square feet) that the project would progress a little quicker than it did. It still took all day and into the evening. Perhaps it was the detail of getting the shoelaces in the right criss-crossy pattern that slowed me down. (?)

Throughout the day, people kept commenting on my hair. Apparently it was pinkish (from the pastels), and poufy (from the humidity), closely resembling my most recent self portrait.

On the way home, Reese kept asking what I wanted to "do" for my birthday. Huh? What did he think I had been doing all day? It would have been quite easy to collapse in the dust cloud surrounding me, but he insisted on going out to dinner. After a thorough scrubbing, I was glad he did, and that we did, in fact, eat....out....away from home....fancy food that someone else prepared and brought to the table.

I was this close to asking if someone would actually put the food in my mouth like a baby bird, I was that tired....and hungry.

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