Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Still Deciding....

Every year I use one of my own paintings as inspiration for the street art of Via Colori. Based on previous experience, it's a much less complicated event if one selects paintings to reproduce based on the pastel color palette that is provided for our use by The Center For Hearing and Speech. I saved these pastels from last year solely for this practice session, and am glad of it, because the color scheme of one of the paintings was much harder to reproduce than the other.... not impossible, just harder.

One of my very gracious neighbors was walking past as I was working on this, and offered the use of her back brace and knee pad for Saturday's event. Of course, I was quick to accept. It's brutal bending over repeatedly to do this. She also offered an opinion on which drawing she preferred on the driveway.

These squares are 2' x 2'. On Saturday, I'll paint a 6' x 6' square.


James Everett Newman said...

Which one are you going to do?

Sarah Hazel said...

Only because Anna agreed to help me, probably the sneakers.