Wednesday, December 08, 2010

But Wait, There's More.....

Just in case anyone out there is still looking for a Christmas gift for that special someone ( I, personally, haven't even started the Christmas hoo-ha, yet,) consider giving that special someone (including yourself) a painting. Make a reasonable offer and it's yours -- or someone else's. Come on....don't be shy. Let's negotiate.

Either peruse this blog, look at the website, or come by the house to see what is on the walls. If I've counted correctly, inventory is at about 90 paintings. (Not all paintings are on the walls, though a lot are. Three are on loan at a friend's office, and one is at the Art League.) At least 20 of the 90 paintings are 12" x 12" or SMALLER. Smaller painting = smaller price.

These are three of my newest paintings, included in the "or SMALLER" category. It's been my idea to paint leaves for a while. These three, from left to right, are 6" x 8", 6" x 8", and 5" x 7".


James Everett Newman said...

If you put those together with your last painting, you'll have a complete tree.

Sarah Hazel said...

What a brilliant idea.