Tuesday, December 28, 2010


On the Bar-B-Que trail once again, this time taking out of town friends to one of my favorite Houston bar-b-que joints, Thelma's in the Third Ward.

Thelma's is friendly and unpretentious. All are welcome, unless your underwear is showing. (Thelma's reserves the right to refuse service to anyone whose britches don't properly cover their hiney. Loud, annoying, rude cell phone usage is discouraged as well. Makes for a very pleasant dining experience.)

The food, as usual, was in abundance. The stuffed baked potato could have easily fed a family of six. The bar-b-que sauce was sweet and spicy to the point of perfection -- absolute perfection. Of the meats, I personally prefer the chicken, but the beef would rival any bar-b-que grill for true aficionados. Next time, I'll forgo Thelma's potato salad, and instead opt for the cole slaw and beans -- so yummy.

We have leftovers out the wazoo.


Alison said...

Oh my. This sounds like a place we'll have to check out soon. I haven't found a BBQ place I love yet.

P.S. Does Hilary still have a boyfriend? Because I have a fabulous, very eligible younger brother who's back in Houston. ;-)

Sarah Hazel said...

Alison, I can hardly believe that we haven't had a BBQ conversation, yet! Let's talk.
Fabulous eligible younger brothers are always in vogue.