Thursday, January 20, 2011

Buttercup, Pippin, Maisy....????

Because we rescued our dog from the Humane Society, one of the provisions was that she be spayed before we brought her home. That means that we can't bathe her for another week. To say that she smelled bad is an understatement. She stank. So our daughter Joy agreed to come over and shave our little lamb. When Joy was finished, there was a pound and a half of dog hair not on the dog anymore, and she smells MUCH better. Thank you so much, Joy!

Skipper is tolerating the new pet. Here they are both sleeping at my feet while I type at the computer. So cute.

In this photo, I wanted to show the difference in their size. It's funny to notice that Skipper and I are wearing matching sweaters. Our hair is dishevelled, white, and frizzy, too. Must have something to with people and their pets looking alike. Even though our new girl is skinny, she still has a regal presence about her. She's a quick learner and is making great strides in her training.

There's a possibility that the new dog's name might not be Molly, as previously stated, which is why she remains unnamed in this entry. There's precedent for our indecisiveness. It took the Amazing Reese and me three days to name our oldest daughter Erin. We had a boy name picked out but for the life of us, couldn't agree on a girl name. Why is it that girls are never named Beauregard?


erinhazel said...
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erinhazel said...

"awww. she's so precious!" -andrew

Sarah Hazel said...

Thanks Andrew! She's already gained two pounds! Woohoo!