Monday, January 24, 2011

Forever More

God bless the previous owners of this magnificent creature for eventually having the common decency to turn her in to a shelter. And thank God Almighty that we were at the right place at the right time so that we could adopt her.

The week long teeny tiny drama surrounding us naming and un-naming her is over, thank you very much. Many of you very kindly passed along wonderful name suggestions while we wallowed in indecisiveness. Forever more, her name is Tilly. It suits her AND we don't personally know anyone (or anything else) named Tilly.

Tilly has continued to wow us with how sweet, gentle, intelligent, well-adjusted, and wonderful she is. She's an incredible dog. Every new situation to which she has been introduced, save one, she has had exemplary manners. Except for her excessive malnourishment, the vet has given her a clean bill of health. She has even gained a few pounds, good girl.

There's nothing like a new addition to "the pack" to bring family and friends together. Everyone wants to meet Tilly! Much to our delight, Saturday turned into a day long impromptu party. It felt like Christmas almost....without all of the cooking. Our oldest daughter Erin and her parti poodle Raleigh even drove in from Austin just to meet her. Reese's sister Sarah and her family came over, Erin's best friend Kristi and her dog Jolene were here, and some of our wonderful neighbors rounded out the celebrating.

Before Erin left for Austin again, we tried to get the pets to pose for a photo. It didn't quite turn out like we envisioned. It was cute to see the three poodles together, Skipper the toy, Raleigh the miniature, and Tilly the standard. It's now glaringly obvious why Skipper is called a toy poodle. He looks like a wind up toy compared to Tilly.


Fern said...

tiny poodle, medium poodle, large poodle. tilly is so pretty and regal!

Sarah Hazel said...

She is! Thanks for noticing. ;)