Monday, May 23, 2011

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Time's the Charm

Have you ever fallen in love with something in a book? And then you get to actually see and experience first hand the very thing with which you had already fallen in love? That's exactly what happened to me. The National Gallery in DC recently loaned 50 works of art to the MFAH while the National Gallery was being renovated.....not just any works, but 50 of the greatest examples of French Impressionism ever created.

The first time I went to the exhibit it brought tears to my eyes and I hastily scribbled notes so as not to forget anything. The second time visiting, with more subdued emotion, I took more detailed notes, and appreciated the paintings on a more intellectual level. The third time, I went with a museum docent friend, and we experienced the paintings in a whole new way, still exciting and wonderful emotion, but also sharing unseen details in the paintings and more background about the artists. The fourth time seeing the exhibit, I went with two docent friends, and it was just as awesome and perhaps even more wonderful, if that's possible. The fifth time seeing the exhibit, it was just as exciting because a group of ladies from church were there. Even though there wasn't as much time to thoroughly devote to savoring each painting, it was fun to see friends enjoying the paintings I love.

Also, a friend alerted me to an article (with me in it) about the art hearts on public display. If the link works, the article is on page four.

Double also, there was a couple at our pet therapy class last night without a pet. Turns out they had come because someone had told them that a beautiful poodle named Tilly was in the class. They came to the class just to meet Tilly!

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