Monday, May 30, 2011

Photo Coming Soon

Even though it's not obvious from reading my last four blog posts, I have been painting. It's just that there hasn't been a large chunk of time to devote to the pursuit. So, I've been working on a painting of the back yard lily pond in increments -- thin layer after thin layer as time allows. I'm painting in thin layers so that the paint will dry quickly AND so that when there is time to paint, I don't have to worry about muddying the colors. Photo coming soon.

Also, there has been a very positive response (to me) about the art heart article (page 4) in the Village News. Craig P. Howard took my fumbling responses to his questions and wrote something cohesive, interesting, and informative. Thank you, Craig P. Howard. One dear friend even told me that she cut out the article and put it in her family photo album. So sweet. Thank you, Thelma.

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