Monday, June 27, 2011


Since it's been a while since I painted a portrait, I asked her if she minded being an art guinea pig. She replied, "Honey I don't care a whit about the risks and dangers of being an art guinea pig. I'm just coming because you asked for sitters, and sitting is something I can do. Just play with it!"

Sure enough, she was great at sitting. You'd think she had done it all of her life. Well, besides the obvious that she HAS been sitting most of her life, she was a very good art guinea pig, I mean model.

The bottom photo was taken after two hours of painting. The top photo was taken after letting the painting dry for a couple of days, and then going back with a reference photo and touching up the finer details in the face. She was fun to paint.

At this point, the paintings will stay in my collection. (I'm working toward building up a cohesive body of work. The last time I painted a portrait from a live model sitting was last September, unless my self portrait counts, and in that case it was last November.) It's such a blessing and never ceases to amaze that people will come sit for me. Much thanks to Lauren. After two hours of intently studying her face and enjoying good conversation, I can say with certainty that Lauren is beautiful inside and out.

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